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cara install vnc di vps centos 6

Centos 6 

Because on a Linux VPS yet have limited aka GUI or command shell on a Windows Command Prompt. We need to install desktop environments like GNOME.
The first phase is to install the Desktop package. Type the following command in PuTTY.

 sudo yum groupinstall Desktop

Wait until the process is complete, and then type the following command, which is useful for mengisntall VNCserver that allows VPS CentOS can be accessed through our computer with the help of VNC Viewer.

 sudo yum install tigervnc-server

Next we install fonts.

 sudo yum install xorg-x11-fonts-Type1

After all installed, we need to create a vnc server running when booting or if at Windows startup.

 sudo chkconfig vncserver on

Setting a password for a VPN with the following command. Fill in your password and verify password toconfirm the password that you use.


Once we set the password, we headed to the stage of setting up VNC. Edit the file vncservers located in / ect /sysconfig /

 sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/vncservers

Add the following code to the last line.

VNCSERVERARGS[1]=”-geometry 1024×600″

Then restart the VNC server with the following command.

 service vncserver restart

First we killservice vnc server on the desktop number is set.

 vncserver -kill :1

Then we will edit the startup files that go directly to the Gnome GUI.

 sudo nano .vnc/xstartup

At the end of the line, change to the following.

 #twm &
exec gnome-session &

Restart the VNC server with the command again as before.

 service vncserver restart

Settings on the server computer has been completed, it is time to access it using VNC Viewer.

Open a tool that we downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial. And enter the IP desktop VPS and numbersthat we have previously set.

IP: Number Desktop ->

Click connect and you will be prompted to enter a password. If you follow the steps are correct, then you willfind you can open the CentOS VPS through Windows.
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